Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm growing up *wow*

Yesterday, me and my bf had some disagreement about certain things as the both of us had different opinions. After some time off for the both of us, I suddenly felt so scared and unsecured bout everything. It felts like, I'm in a serious relationship which require my full commitment to this guy i love so much. Am I ready for this? Do I really want this, like to last forever? Will we still be compatible down the roads like 3 to 5 years time? Can the both of us still put up with each other's crap? Gosh! All this is sounding so loud in my head that I felt so confuse and lost of directions. Every time when things get too serious (I meant everything including love) it sorta freaks me out. I was thinking in my head, I'm turning 21 this year and I'm already getting so serious in life? I felt so unsecured. How good were those days where you are still studying and have no worries bout a single thing in life and know that everything is well taken care off by your parents. Not that now I'm not studying more etc. Just that I'm working and studying at the same time, grown up, more responsibilities etc.
God, please continue to guide me...Amen.


Friday, February 19, 2010

a date...

Yesterday, I had a date with my beloved one (Valentine's Day). According to him, I'm booked by him from evening onwards. Typically, any girl on earth would think that she will be brought to a nice romantic dinner, receive some flowers, awesome dessert then go for a movie or so. What would be more fun is to do something different or extraordinary every year such as go for an awesome date to play bowling, then head for a movie, have an awesome dinner etc. Not that I'm so cliché or what but I really love flowers very much and would definitely dying to receive flowers. I dont expect a guy to buy me flowers often or surprise me all the time although i love surprises very much but at least put in more effort for a few specials days in 365 days. A person dont plan last minute for such "days" because I took more than a week, at least, to plan for the best for my love ones. So we had dinner at his house with his family then go for dessert (tong shui). Desert was quite good, the both of us love it. Later, we went for movie, "Valentine's Day".

P.s: I'm truly thankful for everything. I did enjoy myself (:

Killer heels are women best friends as well as enemy. When they are angels, they make you feel confident, tall, sexy. At the same time, they are extremely harmful towards your body especially your backbones and feet.

de baisers,
Hannah Luvie

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Roar-mantic Chinese New Year!'s Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day. Two in one doesn't sounds so roar-mantic to me though. Been busy with Chinese New Year instead and totally forgotten bout Valentine. New clothes hunting, cleaning up etcetera, until that day, in school a few of us start talking bout how are we gonna juggle the both event on the same day. As before this, I thought to myself, planning & preparing for Chinese New Year is already tired enough, so am gonna scrap off Valentine's day this year. Apparently, it was no big deal to me this year. After Chain told me how upset her bf became after she told her about what she thought (which is a little similar to what I thought). Plan B time! Cracking my head like s*** to think off what to surprise him. Since his wallet looks like falling apart soon and i know how badly he would love a new one, so off set, wallet hunting. Most of you know that I can't drive yet and I'm freaking lazy and tired to take a cab to the shopping mall. Since we are out at shopping mall last weekend, instead of cracking my head guessing that will he like it or not, I asked him to choose himself instead. Guess what, the whole search became tougher when he prefer the wallet with the coin compartment. We search through the whole Parkson thought they might have more choices. Somehow we couldn't fine the right one although we walk in so many other shops too like FCUK, AX, Raoul etc till finally, Braun Buffel. The prefect one I would say, BUT it cause a bom to me. Totally out of my budget. Darn.....but since he LOVE it so much, went to atm and redraw money and paid by cash. *felt heart ache at the same time* Haha! There goes my valentine present to him.

Today is Sunday, beside the twos so I'm heading to church soon.......Happy Roar-mantic Chinese New Year to all. May this year be more prosperous than last year. God Bless!

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