Friday, January 15, 2010

Its been an extremely busy yet tired week, not to mention last week too. School started and life's been busy. So far, I'm having fun teaching in my class and definitely enjoy working with my two partners. *grin* Sorry for the lack of update as I've been busy with like a zillion stuff.

As I was browsing through all my friends update on facebook, I bump into this guy when I enter one of my friend's homepage. He was the jerk who hurted me four years back. How on earth he is so heartless to hurt a sixteen year old year who are till pretty naif at then? It took me years to forget about him and move on. What surprises me was, when I saw his profile, I was freaking mad. The best part was, he was with his girlfriend in that picture. I sincerely hope she won't be cheated by him.

This is what happens if you hurt a woman this deep.

au revoir,
Hannah :)

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