Tuesday, December 29, 2009

L is for Lembu

Woke up at at 8.15a.m. to answer a phone call. To my horror, it was my driving instructor: "Hannah, I'm out side of your house." I was like: "S***! I'm gonna kill that person who switch off my alarm clock." Pack my stuff, bush my teeth and rush on to her car. Thank God she didn't scold me. Can you imaging how bad it can be for a 60 plus year old lady to scold me early in the morning when my eyes are hardly even open yet? (no offense to aunty)Thank God that she is so nice.
Cut the Crab, driving is so freaking tiring. The steering is so hard or I would so tight to turn plus the gear? OMG! Maybe I might be good at multitasking but when comes to driving, I failed terribly. Imagine, look out for cars, changing gear, press clutch, accelerator etc. Its the toughest task I've ever done in my life. Most of you might think I'm nuts, but thats what I think so. The "BEST" part was, when I signaling to get in the left lane, this car just speed past me and gave me fright. I was only few cm away and I'm a L licensed driver kay. Totally have no idea how I'm gonna past the test ay. Wish me luck!

Off to dinner........having Roti Hawaiian for dinner *finger licking good*


hannah parker

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